1. Reliability Package
    One of the most sought after packages I offer. Afterall what good is a gun that is not reliable. If you cant pick up any box of factory ammo off the shelf and use any quality magazine then your gun is not reliable, that is where this package comes into play. See below for more detail on this package.
  2. Trigger Job
    There are two ways to do a trigger job, first using your OEM parts and secondly upgrading to better quality parts such as Cylinder and Slider or Extreme Engineering parts. Both are highly beneficial over a factory trigger.
  3. Sight Upgrade
    Even sights need to be fitted on a 1911. Most come oversized due to the variances in dovetail cuts from gun to gun. Sights are hand filed and fitted to each gun for a proper fit.
  4. Gunsmith Fit Barrel
    Properly fit and time ramped and non-ramped 1911 barrels. One of the biggest if not the single biggest accuracy improvers you can do to a 1911 is have a properly fit barrel installed. I recommend Bar-Sto, KKM and Kart barrels.
  5. Slide Machining Work
    Common work performed are flat top and serrations, bevel bottom edge of the slide, ball cuts and high power cuts.
  6. Refinishing
    Refinishing is only something I offer with other work that requires it. I do not do my own refinishing but I am able to offer the service. I only have the capability to offer traditional hot bluing and hard chrome at this time.
  7. Frame up Builds
    Frame up builds are something I am able to do although I am not offering it at this time due to the back log of work I already have.
  8. Aesthetics
    IAesthetics play a very important role in the 1911 world. They are what set your gun apart from others and personalize your gun. I have a whole host of things I can do for you in this department as well.
What good is an accurate and good looking gun if its not reliable? A truly reliable 1911 will feed any factory ammo and run any quality magazine without issue, if you have to run brand X ammo only with brand Y magazines for your gun to work correctly then its not a reliable 1911. 

A reliability package includes the following:
-Blueprint breach face and machine if undersized
-Polish breach face and disconnector track
-Deburr and soften edges of breach face to assist with feeding
-Chamfer and deburr firing pin hole
-Inspect and address issues with ejector, if breach face is overcut requiring the fit of an oversized ejector that is not included (also not common).
-Inspect and tune extractor, tension and adjust length
-Address feed ramp length and angle
-Ream chamber and throat barrel
-Polish feed ramp, throad and chamber of barrel
-Measure firing pin stop and replace with an oversized FPS machined to fit if necessary.

Common parts required to do this work is a new firing pin stop, I use EGW Oversized firing pin stops and machine them to fit propertly.
I see accuracy improvements in 2 manners, mechanical and shooter input improvements.

Examples of shooter input improvements would be better sights and a trigger job. Both make a huge difference to the shooter.

These improve the shooters interface with the gun but would have no true mechanical benefit if the gun was shot from a ransom rest.

Mechanical improvements, alter the guns true accuracy and could be measureable in a ransom rest.  Examples of this would be a gunsmith fit barrel and slide to frame fit.

A gunsmith fit barrel is in my opinion the single biggest mechanical accuracy improvment that can be done to a gun. Many factory guns barrels are not fitted properly. A properly fit barrel will not move in the slide when in battery, it will return to the exact same orientation to the sights every time after fired. A positive side effect of this is it will also improve the lock up of your slide.

A slide to frame fit improves accuracy as well but its a very small improvement compared to a barrel fit and unless the barrel is being fitted as well the imrpovement will not be noticeable.
Function First
A 1911 to me is a tool, it can be a finely crafted precision tool with the right input from a qualified gunsmith but it is a tool nonetheless. A tool that does not work all of the time is a problem. 

Because I take this mindset towards a firearm I feel that function should be addressed first. Before any aesthetics or accurazing is accomplished, reliability issues (if there are any issues) should be addressed and fixed. Then move on to accuracy and then fit and finish, in that order.

"What good is an accurate gun if its not reliable?" - Will O'Hara