YA few examples of my work, you can see more on my Instagram page of the same name.
  1. Reworked Kimber
    Reworked Kimber
    Kimber that was completely overhauled
  2. Checkering and blended magwell
    Checkering and blended magwell
    25lpi machine checkering and a deluxe blended magwell
  3. Magwell
    Deluxe fit and blended magwell
  4. Reworked ramp
    Reworked ramp
    Part of the process involved in a reliability package
  5. Undercut trigger guard and checkering
    Undercut trigger guard and checkering
    Trigger guard has been undercut and blended and the grip received machine checkering at 25lpi
  6. Ball cuts and refinish
    Ball cuts and refinish
    Slide received ball cuts and the gun was refinished, also the slide stop pin was cut flush and the frame beveled.
  7. Blending the beavertail
    Blending the beavertail
    In the process of fitting and blending a beavertail, nothing to hide in this pic.
  8. Blending the front sight
    Blending the front sight
    In process of blending the front sight to the slide contour.
  9. Bobbed Colt
    Bobbed Colt
    Colt Combat Commander grip was bobbed, OEM grips cut to match and then refinshed.
  10. Cutting Ball Cuts
    Cutting Ball Cuts
    In the process of cutting ball cuts into the slide.
  11. Reworked Springfield
    Reworked Springfield
    A completely reworked Springfield Armory.