Plunge cut ramp


Below are just some things that can be done to enhance the reliability of your firearm. I recommend the package as it addresses everything short of an out of spec gun.

  • Reliability Package, Includes;
    • Blueprint breach face and machine if undersized
    • Includes polish breach face and disconnector track
    • Deburr and soften edges of breach face that could cause feeding issues
    • Chamfer and deburr firing pin hole
    • Inspect and address issues with Ejector
    • Inspect and tune Extractor
    • Address feed ramp angle and tune if necessary
    • Ream chamber and polish feed ramp and chamber
  • Tune Extractor
  • Install Oversized Ejector
    • Many factory guns breach face are cut to high and the ejector goes under the case instead of hitting it performing its job. I machine your ejector channel higher and install an oversized ejector machined to your new ejector channel.




Below are a number of items that can be done to address and improve accuracy in your 1911.

  • Trigger Job
  • Sights
  • Fit over sized barrel and bushing
  • Fit only bushing
  • Slide to Frame Fit

Custom Work

Below are some of the examples of custom work but not everything I offer. Hit the contact us tab or button below to get in contact with me and discuss your ideas in person.

  • Flat top and Serrate slide
  • Bevel the bottom edge of a slide
  • Carry bevel package
  • Cut, recess and bevel slide stop pin and frame
  • French Line
  • Blend Back of slide to Frame
  • etc.

My Goal

My goal is to give you, the customer, exactly what you want in a 1911. Whether we start with your existing gun and address the small things, or start with a blank slate to build the perfect individual custom piece. I strive to make your 1911 truly your favorite gun and not just another off the shelf handgun in your safe.

Slide truing