The reliability package is one of our most sought after packages. Any question of reliability or issues feeding certain types of ammo will be gone once this package is performed on your 1911. This is a must for any carried or duty gun.

The following is performed:

  • Blueprint breach face and machine if undersized
  • Polish breach face and disconnector track
  • Deburr breach face of any sharp edges that would cause feeding issues
  • Chamfer and deburr firing pin hole
  • Inspect and tune ejector
  • Inspect and tune extractor
  • Inspect and tune ramp angle
  • Polish barrel ramp and chamber
  • Ream chamber


There are a number of things that can be done to improve accuracy to a factory gun. Any of the items below done individually will improve accuracy, but combined will have the most effect.

  • Trigger Job
    • Improves the shooters input to the firearm.
  • Sights
  • Gunsmith fit over-sized barrel and bushing
    • Tighter tolerances causes the barrel to return to the same place in orientation to your sights after every shot
  • Slide to Frame Fit
    • Tight tolerance slide to frame fit causes the slide to return to the same place in orientation to the frame after every shot meaning the sights are aligned with the shooter stance and grip.

Custom Work

This is where we take your frame and build a complete custom gun from the ground up. One that is exactly what you want, not what you settled for.

Alternately we take your already owned gun and improve upon the idea that you started with when you purchased it, making it personal, one of a kind.

Examples of work would be the previously discussed items such as reliability and accuracy. Then Flat Topping and Serrating the slide, carry bevel, bevel bottom of slide or recess the slide stop pin. Maybe you prefer the classic lines of a french line down the side of the slide with a matte finish on the top of the slide and satin finished sides then hot blued or hard chromed. Or maybe a more modern feel with some lightening windows cut in the slide is more your style. The key is what exactly do you want?

I can also help you review all the options to help develop your personal perfect 1911 just shoot me an email or give me a call by using the contact me tab.

Lets get started!

Once you're ready this the part where we pull the trigger, so to speak, and get the project moving from an idea to a reality.